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A brief introduction; Google AdWords is the online advertising platform where advertisers compete to display short advertising copy to web users.  Advertisers pay when users click on these Ads to find out more information about the copy displayed, this is where the term Pay Per Click comes from.  At Ink My Business, we have Google Certified AdWords professionals who can help you to maximise your return on investment.  We offer three core services, which include auditing existing AdWords accounts, Setting-up or restructuring AdWords and ongoing AdWords campaign management.  Please read on to find out more.

AdWords Audit

Analysis and Review

Have one of our Google certified account managers review your existing AdWords campaign to provide advice and recommendations to optimise performance and maximise return on investment.


Whether you are looking for recommendations to implement in-house or simply want assurance that your marketing team are on the right track. Our AdWords Audit is an essential marketing health check to make sure your Ads are working as efficiently as possible.

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Google Adwords Audit
Google Partner AdWords Management

AdWords Set-Up

Set-up or Restructure AdWords

One of our Google Certified account managers will create or restructure your Adwords campaign in-line with Google recommended best practices. This considers;

Keywords – Creation or refining of relevant keyword lists and the allocation of negative keywords to ensure you reach the right audience.


Ad Groups – Developing appropriate themes to ensure the right Ad Group is triggered for the right search.


Ad Copy – Optimised copy to ensure relevant and quality ad placement.


Targeting – Time scheduling, geographic location, placements and demographics.


Link Analysis – Assessment of the quality and relevance of landing pages including content and device suitability.


Conversion Tracking – Set-up/refine relevant tracking for campaigns to provide maximum return on investment linked to core goals.


Landing Page design & implementation – Improve quality and reduce cost with relevant campaign related landing pages.


Alerts – Creation of instant notifications to ensure immediate response to identified issues.

Campaign Management

AdWords Campaign Management

Essential real-time campaign management to maximize results. Ongoing monitoring and strategy development to build, adjust and report on your return on investment. Includes time spent on;

  • – Advanced keyword research
  • – Ad campaign copywriting
  • – Ad copy performance testing
  • – Ongoing keyword development and adjustment
  • – Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • – Google analytics integration & goal tracking
  • – Results analysis/reporting
  • – Strategic bid management
  • – PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geotargeting)
  • – Single account representative
  • – Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
  • – Setup and management of rule based bidding
  • – International PPC campaign management
  • – Website conversion analysis reporting
  • – Monthly performance & analysis reporting
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